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CookPerfect Comfort Meat Thermometer


CookPerfect Comfort Meat Thermometer

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    CookPerfect Meat Thermometer

    The CookPerfect meat thermometer is the 1st and only intelligent and interactive meat thermometer that always guarantees the targeted results.

    With CookPerfect Patented technology, it has never been easier to use a wireless meat thermometer. CookPerfect accurately determines the core temperature regardless of how the probe is placed in the meat.

    The CookPerfect meat thermometer has 1 probe for meat and air temperature. The probe has multiple sensors along the length of the probe which allows for the simultaneous measurement of the meats inernal temperature and the oven/grills air temperature.

    The CookPerfect meat thermometer has up to 120 metre bluetooth range meaning you can track your cooking from anywhere around the house.

    Within minutes of using the CookPerfect smartphone app you can take control of the cooking process. You will be able to monitor the internal temperature of the meat, the oven/grill airflow and how much time is left in the cooking process all from the comfort of you sofa!

    The CookPerfect meat thermometer can be used on anything from a conventional oven or barbecue & can withstand temperatures of up to 300ºC 


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