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EZ Sense Hand Held Gas Detector

EZ Sense Hand Held Gas Detector

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    Quick Overview

    Product Height 3cm
    Product Width 3cm
    Product Length 19cm
    Product Weight 0.12kG

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    he Ez Sense is a compact light pocket sized gas detector that will detect Natural gas, Propane and Butane. The EZ sense utilises a catalytic bead sensor that requires absolutely no calibration to the individual gases, simply point and click.
    It is suitable for identifying the source of leaks in pipes, fittings, Valves, gas cylinders and hot water heaters. It can be used for checking for leaks in areas of your boat which is not protected by a built in gas alarm. With this hand held alarm you can check all those lockers and remote areas of the bilge for a build up of gas. The EZ Sense is easy to use and can quickly inform you of the source and size of a leak providing you with peace of mind and the same time.
    To use the EZ Sense simply click on the switch and wait a few seconds for the sensor to warm up. Once it has warmed up a confidence beep will sound and the LED will flash green every three seconds, the alarm is ready to be used. Now point the alarm close to a suspected leak or area you wish to test. If there is a leak, the LED will flash yellow and then red according to the gas concentration and an audible alarm will sound.
    The Honeywell EZ Sense hand held gas detector is supplied with 2 x AA batteries.
    Technical Specification
    Detection range
    0 - 10000ppm (20% of LEL)
    LED Display
    Green = Power on - gas less than 500ppm
    Yellow = Low alarm - gas over 500ppm
    Red = High alarm - gas over 2000ppm
    1.5v x2 size AA
    Detectable Gas
    Natural Gas
    Calor Gas
    Camping Gaz
    18.8cm x 3cm

    Additional Information

    Product Height 3cm
    Product Width 3cm
    Product Length 19cm
    Product Weight 0.12kG
    Number of Sensors 1



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