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Weber Premier Charcoal Bundle

Product code: _PRECHWEB

Weber Premier Charcoal Bundle

 £115.00 (inc VAT)
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    Weber Premier Charcoal Bundle

    This is a great starter bundle if you are looking at expanding your BBQ knowledge, included in this bundle is Weber's Greatest Hits Cookbook giving you the opportunity of trying to barbecue different things!

    The Weber Premier Charcoal Bundle contains:


    1 x Weber Chimney Starter Set
    1 x Weber Lighter Cubes
    1 x Weber BBQ Mitt
    1 x Weber 53cm Stainless Steel  T Brush
    1 x Weber Large Drip Pans ( 10 )
    1 x Weber Briquettes 8kg bag
    1 x Weber Apple Wood Chips
    1 x Weber Instant Read Thermometer
    1 x Weber Greatest Hits Cookbook


    Saving of £15.00 when buying bundle vs individual items

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