Environmental & Privacy Policy

Socal is a family run business and we recognise that every business has an effect on the local, regional and global environment, to minimise this impact we: supply Calor LPG in reusable packaging, minimise delivery vehicle miles through load scheduling and routing, recycle and re-use paper and cardboard that would normally be discarded, use low energy electrical appliances where ever possible.

We also where ever possible source:

  • Business services locally
  • Products either locally, nationally or within Europe
  • Products from sustainable sources

While we realise this is only a start, we are committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance and the reduction of pollution and waste. Staff involvement in environmental matters is encouraged at all levels and is promoted through staff training, meetings, communications and a constant review of working methods and techniques. 

Our goals are to: to continue to promote recycling and the use of recycled or bio-degradable materials, while reducing consumption of materials wherever possible, minimise waste in all operations, continue to source products that are manufactured locally, nationally or within Europe, source products that are both innovative and environmentally sustainable, include environmental issues in staff training and encourage the implementation by all staff of sound environmental practices, regard Environmental Regulations, Laws and Codes of Practice as setting the minimum standards of environmental performance

Privacy, data protection & credit card detail information is never disclosed to third parties, unless necessary as part the order process. You consent to us using your personal data to administer and keep records of your orders and also to provide you with details of products or services we might interest to you. We will not pass your personal information to any third party for marketing or promotional purposes.

The typical data stored is: Name, Address, Contact phone number, email address, order and accounting history

Data collected is used to take and fulfil customer orders , to administer and enhance service and only disclose to third-parties for goods delivery purposes.

Credit Card numbers are not sorted electronically, any hand written records are shredded immediately after use. Credit Card terminal rolls containing card numbers are stored in a secure location for 7 years as part of our statuary company record requirement, after which time they are shredded.