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Alde Gas Leak Detector 10mm

Alde Gas Leak Detector 10mm

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    Quick Overview

    Product Height 9cm
    Product Width 6cm
    Product Length 3cm
    Product Weight 0.3kG

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    The 4071 leak detector is intended for in-line installation, and should be connected into the gas system close to the outlet side of the regulator. It provides an instant visible check on gas soundness from the outlet side to each installed appliance, a leaking system being positively indicated by bubbles appearing in the glass-sighting chamber. The Boat Safety Scheme and the new British Standard both recommend that one be fitted in an installation.
    The Alde 4071 bubble leak detector is easy to install and designed to be fitted as close as possible downstream of the cylinders. It should be fitted where it is easily accessible and can be seen so you can check for leaks ever time you turn your gas system on. It provides a reliability and quick method of checking your gas system.
    Testing Instructions
    Open the cylinder valve.
    Shut off ALL LPG burning appliances.
    Depress the red testing button as far as it will go and hold in for about 10 seconds. Some bubbles may appear for approximately two seconds in the sight glass. Normally they will disappear completely within two seconds. If this occurs, keep the button depressed for a further ten seconds. If no bubbles appear during this ten-second period, the system is leak tight for the being. If bubbles appear, the system is leaking.
    In case of leakage, first check that the instruction 2 above has been correctly carried out (you may have missed an appliance such as a fridge, for instance). Then check all connections with a leak detecting solution or spray. If no leak can be found consult your dealer to have the system checked out.
    Important Note
    Topping up the liquid
    Close the cylinder valve
    Unscrew the sight glass. Cut corner off the glycol sachet (Replacement part number 4070 - 125) and fill to the top mark on the sight glass. Check the gasket is in the correct position and screw sight glass back into place.
    After topping up the liquid, the gas tightness of the leak detector should always be tested. The leak detector is self testing. Follow testing instructions above
    Technical Specifications
    Height = 9cm
    Width = 6cm
    Depth = 3cm
    Max. Working Pressure
    2 bar
    @ 37mb Propane
    12kW (16 Cu. Ft.)
    @ 28mb Butane 
    12.4kW (13 Cu. Ft)
    Gas connection
    10mm compression
    Inlet & Outlet

    Additional Information

    Product Height 9cm
    Product Width 6cm
    Product Length 3cm
    Product Weight 0.3kG



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