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Pro Q Excel Charcoal BBQ Smoker

Product code: PROQ101220

Pro Q Excel Charcoal BBQ Smoker

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    Quick Overview

    Product Height 118cm
    Product Width 50cm
    Product Weight 22.5kg

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    Pro Q Excel Charcoal BBQ Smoker

    The Excel is the biggest modular BBQ Smoker with a colossal 30kg of cooking capacity.

    Much loved by professional chefs and top BBQ competition teams around the globe, the Excel has gained a formidable reputation for reliability, quality and delicious culinary results.

    If you’re serious about BBQ, the Excel is the smoker for you!

    - Highly versatile BBQ Smoker can grill, roast or smoke food to perfection. The modular design makes it incredibly easy to increase the cooking capacity even further by adding a third stacker or using an add-a-grill.
    - In-built lid thermometer and multiple vents allowing you to control your temperature with ease
    - Perfect size for large families and big bbq parties, also great for light event catering
    - Large range of accessories available to make your smoker even more versatile
    - Made from highest quality materials, with a 1mm plate steel body coated in durable porcelain it will resist the elements for years to come

    BBQ Smoker Features:

    The analogue temperature gauge gives you a good idea of the internal temperature of the smoker, it is fully adjustable for ease of calibration.
    Keeps the heat in for smoking and roasting, comes with a sturdy handle.
    Stainless steel for all-purpose grilling, roasting and smoking. Rust and stain resistant.
    All porcelain coated for weather resistance and fitted with brackets for both the waterpan and the grills. Each stacker has an access door for viewing your food and for wood chips and water top-ups.
    These silicone eyelets allow you to use remote probe thermometers with ease, for checking the internal temperature of food.
    For roasting and smoking using indirect heat, the waterpan stabilises the smoker temperature making it perfect for low’n slow authentic BBQ cooking. It can also be used as a wok/paella pan.
    These allow all sections to clip together for stability and transport.
    Folding side handles allow you to move the entire unit with ease as well as store it easily.
    The charcoal basket provides excellent ventilation by keeping the ideal space between the sides of the unit and the lit embers & coals.
    There are four vents in total - one in the lid and three in the base, allowing you to protect the fire in windy conditions and control the temperature more accurately - all with cool-touch tabs.
    Sturdy tripod design that sits close to the ground with three separate vents for accurate temperature control.

    Technical Specification:
    Assembled dimensions: (H) 118cm x (W) 50cm, Grill Diameter: 480mm Weight: 22.5kg
    Construction: High Grade Porcelain Coated Steel, Stainless Steel Grills, Aluminium Parts, Heat Proof Silicone
    BBQ Capacity: Easily cater for up to 20 hungry people, you can cook 8 whole chickens or 80 sausages
    Cold Smoking Capacity: Hang up to 6 sides of salmon or 15KG of cheese

    Smoker Configuration:
    Without the stackers, our smoker transforms into a handy little kettle BBQ that clips together and can be carried away for days out at the beach or park.
    It is also great for camping trips.
    You can use this as a regular grill for burgers, sausages and kebabs or push the fire to one side and use it as a mini smoker, giving you that awesome smokey flavour in a tiny package!

    The single stacker configuration is a very handy set up option.
    You can slow cook or smoke your food just the same as two stackers, but it's especially useful when cooking smaller quantities.
    By inserting an empty water pan, the smoker can be used like a conventional oven to roast food with that extra delicious BBQ flavour.
    Remove the waterpan for regular charcoal grilling.
    The extra distance between flame and food gives you time to BBQ food to crispy perfection without over doing it.

    With both stackers, you can cook on 2 levels.
    The waterpan (filled with water or sand) is used as a heat deflector between the fire and the food, enabling you to control your cooking temperature, perfect for both hot & fast or low'n slow barbecuing.
    This setup is most common for larger cuts of meat where slow cooking is called for such as brisket, pulled pork, ribs and hot smoked salmon.
    The large chamber is also perfect for cold smoking when using the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator (available separately).

    Additional Information

    Product Height 118cm
    Product Width 50cm
    Product Weight 22.5kg
    Recommended Cylinder N/A
    Fuel Type Charcoal
    Main Colour Black



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