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Campingaz Butane comes in 2 different size cylinders, these are Campingaz R904 & R907. Both of the Campingaz cylinders have a screw in fitting on the top of the bottle for the regulator. The R907 Campingaz Cylinder has 2.72kg of gas, while the R904 Campingaz Cylinder has 1.81kg. If you do not have a cylinder to refill, then there is a one-off cylinder cost of £35 on top of the refill price. These Campingaz Cylinders are widely used for Camping, Caravanning & Marine Use. The Campingaz Cylinders are also available throughout Europe. Campingaz also sell a range of disposable gas cartridges these are CV470, CV300, CP250. Campingaz Cartridges have a unique Easy Clic Plus fitting compared to other Gas Cartridges which have a screw thread. The CV300 & CV470 Gas Cartridges are mostly used on portable Campingaz Stoves & Lights, while the CP250 Gas Cartridge is used on many variations of a single burner stove.


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