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CPL Shimada-Style Heat Logs

Product code: CPLSHIMADA

CPL Shimada-Style Heat Logs

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    Product Weight 10Kg

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    Homefire Shimada Heatlogs (12 Pack)

    Excite your senses with the smell, sight and sound of a real log fire made with Homefire Shimada Heat Logs. There is nothing like a real roaring fire to snuggle up to on a cold, miserable day.

    The logs are made from recycled sawdust and shavings which are dried and then tightly packed together after being compressed at high temperatures.

    These logs are suitable for open fires, closed appliances, multi-fuel stoves and wood burners. They are also ideal for chimineas, to keep you warm outside if you're having some friends around for a few drinks.

    If it's impressive performance, good heat and versatility you need, look no further than the Homefire Shimada Heat Logs.

    1 x Homefire Shimada Heatlog Features:

    High-energy, ultra-dry heat logs; Convenient to use and easy to light
    Environmentally friendly; Made from 100% recycled wood
    Suitable for open fires, wood burners, multi-fuel stoves, closed appliances, chimeneas
    Retain their shape during burning and do not expand, reducing sparking and spitting
    Provide a high steady heat output with low smoke and ash; Minimal flue gas to protect your chimney;

    Each Log Dimensions:

    Height - 6.5cm
    Width - 19.5cm
    Depth - 6.5cm

    Additional Information

    Product Weight 10Kg



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