Flame Genie Small Woodpellet Firepit

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Flame Genie Small Woodpellet Firepit

Free 10kg bag of CPL woodpellets with any Flame Genie Firepits

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Product Height 35cm
Product Width 35cm
Product Length 35cm
Product Weight 5kg

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Enjoy a real fire pit experience without the smoke, sparks and mess. Just beautiful flames, plenty of heat and best of all virtually no ash or mess to clear up.
The sturdy and simple to use flame genie burns low cost, environmentally friendly wood pellets.

How it works:

Flame Genie burns without sparks or smoke producing beautiful hot, clean flames.
1. Air rises through grate holes into gravitational heating chamber, and also provides combustion air for the wood pellets.
2. Air enters the gravitational heating chamber through lower outer cylinder holes.
3. Air inside the gravitational heating chamber is heated, expands and rises.
4. A stream of heated air exits from each upper hole on inner cylinder.
5. Wood pellets burn, producing flames, heat, and combustible gases.
6. A special entertaining bright smokeless ring of flames is produced when the rising combusible gases meet the hot fresh air exiting the upper interior ring of holes.
7. The hot combustible gases not burned lower down continue to rise and burn with bright smokeless flames.

Additional Information

Product Height 35cm
Product Width 35cm
Product Length 35cm
Product Weight 5kg
Recommended Cylinder None
Fuel Type Wood Pellets
Guarantee 1 Year
Main Colour Black



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