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Weber 47cm Charcoal Grate

Weber 47cm Charcoal Grate

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    Weber build there barbecues and grills to take a lot of hammer and battering over their long life spans, though if this abuse gets a little too much there is plenty of scope for a little TLC so that you can carry on grilling.

    The Weber 47cm Charcoal grate is the replacement part for the grate on which the charcoal sits for all Weber 47cm charcoal barbecues.

    The charcoal grate may become tarnished and corroded over time from the coals and briquettes which sit directly on top of it so this replacement charcoal grate brings your Weber 47cm barbecue back to it's original cleanliness and efficiency of grilling.

    Please note this is the grate which the charcoal sits on top of not the Cooking Grate which the food is grilled upon.

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