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PK360 - Grill Grates With Tool

Product code: PK360GRILLGRATES

PK360 - Grill Grates With Tool

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    PK360 - Grill Grates With Tool

    Steakhouse Searing In Your Backyard
    When it comes to accessories for the PK 360, grill grates should be number 1 on your list.
    These uniquely shaped grates have multiple functions and uses.
    First of all you can create steak searing like no other BBQ, they allow you to harness the high heat abilities of the PK 360, while keeping flames at bay, to enable you to create those amazing grill marks on your steak.
    They can be placed across the whole grill, or just one side, while also limiting the airflow to make open lid grilling that little more controlled.
    They can even act as a baffle or pizza stone.
    It also comes with the handy tool for flipping food that fits perfectly between the grooves.

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    Product Weight 10kg



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