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PK Grills - PKGO - With Flipkit

PK Grills - PKGO - With Flipkit

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    Quick Overview

    Product Height 13 Inches
    Product Width 21 Inches
    Product Depth 15.3 Inches
    Product Weight 39.5lb

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    PK Grills - PKGO - With Flipkit


    A Portable Grill And Table Top Smoker


    Rustproof and virtually indestructible aluminium clamshell

    400 square inches in total of cooking space (When using flipkit)

    2 x sets of cast iron cooking grates included (1 for the lid cooking option)

    Flipkit also included (lid cooking)

    Water shedding radial exhaust vents

    Digital probe door

    Durabilium handle

    2 zone and 1 zone cooking

    Owners handbook

    Advanced Materials Never Before Seen In BBQ


    The PK engineers pride themselves on taking existing materials used in BBQ and finding a better version.


    One example is the black durabilium handle, designed exclusively for the new PKGO, this is  high quality glass-fibre reinforced polyester, that is highly heat resistant, super durable and easy to clean.


    The stainless steel lid catches and cast iron grates are no exception.


    4 Vents For All Cooking Options


    Having 4 vents on your cooker means you can manipulate heat flow much more accurately.


    Plus it's shape lends its self excellently to ''2 zone'' cooking.


    If you're slow cooking, simply build the fire one side, open the vent underneath it, then set your food off to the other side, opening the vent above, this will slowly draw heat and smoke across your food for hours, but you can still sear at the end over the hot coals.


    Want to grill across the whole surface? no problems, open all the vents and shut the lid to snuff flare ups.


    Lots Of Inovation Packed Into One Unit:

    Zero moving parts in the hinge system

    Water shedding radial exhaust vents

    Innovative air intake system

    Flip kit for lid grilling

    Thermometer probe inlet

    Patent PK Grills aluminium capsule for optimum heat retention.






    Rust-proof cast aluminum top and bottom.


    Aluminum cart with stainless hardware.


    Nickel steel cooking surface.


    Stainless cooking surface available.


    Total Height from Ground:


    13 inches


    External Width Including Cart:


    21 inches


    Total depth:


    15.3 inches


    Cooking Surface Dimensions:


    17 x 12 inches



    Additional Information

    Product Height 13 Inches
    Product Width 21 Inches
    Product Depth 15.3 Inches
    Product Weight 39.5lb
    Guarantee 10 Years on Cookbox
    Fuel Type Charcoal



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