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Socal 15kg Boxed Restaurant Grade European Charcoal

Socal 15kg Boxed Restaurant Grade European Charcoal

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    Product Weight 15kg

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    Socal 15kg Boxed Restaurant Grade European Charcoal
    Birch Lumpwood Charcoal
    European Made From A Sustainable Source We Pride Ourselves On Ensuring Quality And Responsibility Across Our Supply Chain To Deliver To You The Best Possible Lumpwood Charcoal Here In The UK.

    The Birch 
    Our birch, sourced from Karelian forests of Finland, Russia & Estonia, is the best material for producing charcoal. Only made from the heart (core) of Birch hardwood trees, no twigs branches or scraps used in the manufacturing process so you always achieve a consistent burn. Also, due to its structure, it will not give any unwanted flavours when burned, unlike all other types of wood used for charcoal production.

    The Lumpwood
    Our charcoal is produced only from the core of the birch trees, giving us great size of lumps to ensure longest burning possible. No binders, no fillers – just pure, simple, high-quality charcoal.

    The Box
    Super strong. we can guarantee that our box will not break under any circumstances.

    The Taste
    Cooking food on charcoal is a fun process. However different charcoal will bring different flavour to your food. That’s where the tannins come in. The more there are in the wood, the more bitter and burning flavour you get. Karelian birch we use only has 15% of those, while most other trees have 50-60%. So with birch we can get the food to taste just as it’s meant to.

    15kg Box

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    Product Weight 15kg



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