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Traeger Limited Edition Meat Church Wood Pellets

Traeger Limited Edition Meat Church Wood Pellets

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    Product Weight 10kg

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    Traeger Limited Edition Meat Church Wood Pellets

    Matt Pittman, founder of Meat Church BBQ, split his childhood between pork-preaching Alabama and beef-worshipping Texas, and this blend reflects that.
    It combines the Hickory used for cooking hog in the Deep South with the Oak preferred by Texas pitmasters.
    The result is bold, assertive smoke flavor that makes every dish praise-worthy.
    Traeger’s limited edition pellet flavors feature a unique blend of premium American hardwoods that were carefully selected by their team of acclaimed pitmasters & chefs.
    Each element was hand-picked to enhance your food’s flavor and help you create meals you’ll never forget.
    Matt spreads the gospel of wood-fired flavor through Meat Church, a BBQ specialty store located in Waxahachie, Texas.

    - Limited edition, all-natural hardwood pellet blend
    - Crafted by Matt Pittman of Meat Church BBQ
    - Mix featuring Oak and Hickory hardwoods
    - Inspired by Southern and Texas-style BBQ
    - Made in U.S.A. 
    - Premium quality
    - Clean burn, low ash
    - No binders
    - 18lb resealable bag 

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    Product Weight 10kg



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