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Petromax Fire Skillet fp30h-t

Petromax Fire Skillet fp30h-t

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    Quick Overview

    Product Height 6.7cm
    Product Width 30cm
    Product Weight 3.5kg

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    Petromax Fire Skillet fp30h-t



    The Petromax Fire Skillet made of high-quality cast iron is indispensable for your meals over the open fire or in the kitchen at home.

    Professional chefs also use cast-iron skillets, for they are extremely durable.

    Once you have tried them, you will never want to do without the fire skillets and their numerous advantages anymore.


    The high-quality cast iron with its outstanding heat distribution can be used immediately and is easy to clean thanks to the pre-seasoned surface.

    The durable and sturdy skillet has a natural anti-adhesive effect that you will improve at each use, for a protective layer develops.

    Moreover, cast iron stores heat well, which is why you can serve your meals directly in the skillet.


    You can use the fire skillet not only on an electric cooker, over a gas flame or in the oven; it even proves its worth on cooking areas outdoors, on a campfire or a suitable barbecue.

    Braising, frying or roasting—in the fire skillet, every meal is a delight.


    The Fire Skillet fp30h-t has two small handles, one on each side, so that you can hold it and hang it safely.

    Whether for home cooking or haute cuisine, for scrumptious fried potatoes or for the perfect steak:

    The Petromax Fire Skillet is available in four sizes and is thus suitable for dishes and portions of every size.



    Technical Details:


    Material: Cast Iron

    Capacity: 2.5 litres

    Diameter: 30cm

    Bottom diameter: 25cm

    Height: 6.7cm

    Weight: 3.5kg

    Additional Information

    Product Height 6.7cm
    Product Width 30cm
    Product Weight 3.5kg



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